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ITS Services Customized to your needs!

ITS GmbH is supplying highly trained and experienced Industry specialists to support your Operation. Most personal of ITS has a minimum of 8 years experience. Mostly ITS Personal is experienced on Herrenknecht AVN Machines but also on Wirth and MTS.
Operators from ITS GmbH can help your supervisor to run the jobsite better and more efficient. Our personal will help and assist not only with Operation of Equipment but also with, Soilds Control, Mud Management, Lubrication Programms, Hydraulic Problems, Electrical Problems and Site Management
Tunneling Crew for Microtunneling machines
ITS GmbH also supplies complete tunneling crews for your Jobsite. Operator, Shaft Foreman, Shaft Crew, Site Superintendant, Mud Engineers, Lubrication Experts. Whatever your needs are we are ready to meet them.
Accesories and Spare parts
Most companies that own Tunneling Equipment are forced to buy accessories such as Bentonite lubrication stations right with the supplier. It is not only costly but also you have no other choice. Now you do! ITS GmbH can supply spare parts and accessories that will be 100% Compatible with your tunneling machine. Just Contact and ask us we will assist you.
Operatorsfor Microtunneling Machines from Herrenknecht & Wirth
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